1. Seven Biblical Principles Through Which God The Father Has Revealed Himself That Earthy Fathers Should Recognize and Imitate
  2. 1. God The Father Created His Children
  3. 2. God The Father Carries His Children In His Arms
  4. 3. God As Fully Present In The Lives of His Children
  5. 4. God The Father As Sovereign Over All His Children
  6. 5. God The Father Provides For His Children What They Need
  7. 6. God The Father Offers Them True Bread
  8. 7. God The Father Disciplines Those Whom He Loves
  9. The Ideal of A Good Father Is To Model The Whole Nature of God The Father While Being Fully Present In The Lives of Our Children

Verses to Study

Hosea 11:1-8
Deuteronomy 32:6
Deuteronomy 1:31
Matthew 6:9
Ephesians 4:6
Isaiah 64:8
Matthew 6:31-32
John 6:32
Proverbs 3:12

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