Senior Pastor

Dr. Rich Grassel

Senior Pastor

As the senior pastor, Rich Grassel is responsible for providing the vision and leadership necessary for the church to become the church “ekklesia”. He does this through various educational venues such as the Sunday morning sermons, biblical studies, and book studies. Additionally, he supervises the church staff and committees, visits those is need of counseling, and is involved with various community endeavors.

Youth Director

Jordan Grassel

Youth Director

As the youth director, Jordan Grassel is responsible for educating our junior and senior high students on the Gospel and how they can apply Jesus’ teaching into daily life. After graduating from Geneva College with a Bachelors in Communications and a concentration in Public Relations, God blessed him with the opportunity to work with students who are fun and unique in their own way. He enjoys fostering relationships, and supporting students through difficult stages of life.

Administrative Assistant

Aaron Pelot

Administrative Assistant

As the church’s administrator, Aaron Pelot helps the people and ministries of the church share both within the congregation and outside the walls of the church. He helps maintain the website, generates weekly newsletters, prepares materials for Sunday worship, coordinates various studies and events throughout the year, keeps the church’s records updated, and acts as the public contact point for the church. He currently is a seminary student at Trinity School for Ministry in nearby Ambridge, PA.


Debbie Crawford

Director & Head Teacher

Jennifer Wilds

Assistant Teacher



  • Ed Naugle – Head Elder
  • Rocky Lacher
  • Frank Shuster
  • Sean Doyle
  • Kevin Crawford

Ministry Chairpersons

  • Ed Naugle – Trustees
  • Kevin Crawford – Deacons
  • Bonnie Lacher – Deaconnesses
  • Debbie Crawford – Ministry Aesthetics
  • Holly Batykefer – Children’s Ministry
  • Ruth Grassel – Missions
  • Jim Niehenke – Security and Safety
  • Kevin & Austin Crawford – A/V Team
  • Debbie Crawford – Music
  • Brianna Dofner – Marketing and Social Media
1100 Highland Avenue, Conway, PA 15027
Sundays 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM